**When our four-legged friends are unwell, we treat them like any other

family member and try to seek out the best medical attention possible.Unfortunately, there are times when conventional treatments are unsuccessful,and this has led to many pet owners being curious about how medical cannabisor CBD oil may help.**

The benefits for CBD in pets are similar to those for humans. According

to research, CBD oil may be helpful for pets with epilepsy, arthritis, chronicpain and anxious or depressed behaviours. Some pet owners have also sharedpositive outcomes when treating their pets with CBD for the symptoms ofcancer, diabetes and gastrointestinal concerns.

A survey of dog owners in international markets shows CBD or medical

cannabis products are most commonly utilised by pet owners for pain relief,inflammation, anxiety and noise phobias.

CBD for dogs with epilepsy

There is research to support the use of CBD for its neuroprotective andanticonvulsant actions in humans, so it’s certainly not a stretch to think itmay aid our pets suffering from seizures.

One piece of research shows that CBD administered to dogs with epilepsyreduced seizure frequency by approximately 33%.

Osteoarthritis in animals

In humans and animals CBD has been explored for its potential for reducingpain. Osteoarthritis is experienced especially by dogs with increasing age,and can limit their mobility and have negative flow-on effects on other areasof well-being such as appetite and desire to be active.

One study shows CBD to reduce pain measures and improve mobility in dogs withosteoarthritis at a dose of only 2mg/kg twice per day. This offers a costeffective and viable alternative or adjunct therapy to some other conventionalpain medications.

Research on CBD safety for pets

Investigations of the safety of CBD and other cannabinoid formulations inveterinary medicine is still in its infancy. In research so far, it ispossibly safe for dogs in high doses of as much as 10-20mg / kg/day.

There is, however, very limited clinical evidence on CBD in cats and to thebest of our knowledge, no trials assessing whether CBD may benefit commonconditions like epilepsy in cats. So far, however, we do know cats metaboliseCBD differently to dogs.

Side effects in CBD treatment for pets

Like with all medications, some pets may experience side effects. Dogs mostcommonly experience gastrointestinal symptoms with loose stool being recordedin most research. This however is considered to occur infrequently and can bemanaged with careful dosing.

One trial that included a small number of cats showed the main side effectsfrom CBD in these felines was head shaking and increased licking.

CBD Vets Australia are leading the way in allowing veterinarians access tolegal CBD for the first time in Australia. Pet patients can now have access toCBD oil from their local vets who follow a simple online prescribing system.This is preventing pets from ingesting black market CBD where products areuntested, illegal and in some cases, do not contain CBD at all.

If you are interested in prescribing CBD to your pet or are a vet withpatients who may benefit, contact CBD Vets Australia on[email protected] or (02) 8294 9303

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