Holiday travel

It’s never been easier to incorporate furry friends into Christmas plans withso many great dog-friendly campsites and pet-friendly accommodation aroundAustralia. If you are holidaying with your pets, remember to make preparationsfor your pets as well; have bedding, food, medications and water ready to goand make sure you can transport them safely to your holiday destination.

So pets can be identified easily should they become lost while holidaying,ensure registered microchips are up to date and include your details such asyour phone number on collars. Most importantly, never leave your pet alone ina locked car as pets can die very quickly from heatstroke, even in milderweather.

Beach safety

Long days and warm nights mean there’s no better time than summer to exerciseyour dog at the beach over the holiday break. While dogs love a day on thebeach, it’s important that pet owners keep a close eye for any potential risksthat could spoil a great day out. Things to look out for include signs of heatstroke, ticks and things that can be swallowed such as jellyfish, sea urchinsand snakes.

Beach essentials include plenty of water, a bowl, towels, sunscreen (for youand your buddy), toys and waste bags.

Christmas conscious diet

It can be very tempting to sneak a treat under the table to furry familymembers during the festive season. However, certain foods that we love toindulge in can actually be harmful or fatal to our fur-babies including:

  • Raisins and grapes

Raisins and grapes can be fatally toxic to dogs, even in small quantities, sono Christmas

pudding or cake for our four-legged friends.

  • Pork, bacon and ham

Some pork products contain a high amount of fat, which can lead to illnesseslike

pancreatitis. Statistics show an increase of pancreatitis cases in dogs atChristmas time.

  • Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are readily enjoyed at Christmas but are poisonous to dogs andcan cause vomiting, weakness, fever, muscle tremors and depression.

  • Onions

Ingestion of onions can contribute to stomach upsets and even cause anaemia.

  • Lollies

Loaded with sugar and even worse for our pets than they can be for us, lolliescan disrupt your pet’s metabolism and eating lollies with some artificialsweeteners can be life-threatening.

  • Alcohol

While it may seem obvious, allowing our pets to consume any alcohol isdangerous. It can cause alcohol toxicity and even seizures.

  • Milk and dairy products

It may surprise many to learn that dogs’ and cats’ bodies weren’t designed toprocess dairy. Consuming dairy can cause stomach upsets, vomiting anddiarrhea.

Speak to your vet for more information on a healthy and balanced diet for yourpet. Monitor your pet for signs such as odd behaviour, dehydration or generalfeeling of being unwell. Contact your closest vet immediately if you areconcerned.

Keep Christmas decorations out of paws reach

While baubles hanging from the tree may look conveniently like toys or tennisballs to your inquisitive cat or playful dog, if a plastic or glass ornamentbreaks in their mouth, it could cause serious long-term damage or even petfatality. Keep edible decorations like candy canes and tinsel or tree lightsout of reach to avoid food toxicity or electric shock.

Ensure wrapping paper is cleaned up immediately after presents have beenopened as when chewed, wrapping paper and ribbons can be very dangerous for apet’s intestines.

If you have a real tree, ensure tree needles are cleaned up regularly as theycan be sharp and become stuck in your pet’s paw or throat. It’s a good idea tosecurely anchor the tree so an inquisitive pet doesn’t knock it over. Coverthe watering hole from thirsty pets as the water can contain traces offertiliser and bacteria that can cause your pet to be nauseous.

Pet care

If you are hosting celebrations or planning to spend time away from your peton Christmas day, ensure your pet is properly exercised beforehand to helpthem de-stress. This will also likely make your pet sleep throughout the dayonce Christmas celebrations are underway. Create a safe environment for yourpet to have some alone time away from guests throughout the day or night.

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