New Book a Vital, Dignified “Road Map” to Understanding Pet Loss Grief

Written from the heart and wisdom of Hypnotist Kenda Summers, ‘HealingSolutions for Pet Loss: Goodbye Is Not Forever ~ The Road Map to Finding Loveand Light Again’ brings clarity and solace to one of life’s most difficultevents. It’s a complete guide to navigating, understanding and embracing thefierce emotions of losing a pet, and inspired one critic to write, “If yourloving pet has gone to the “Rainbow Bridge” this book will bring youunderstanding, peace and comfort. Kenda Summers is the Elisabeth Kübler-Rossof grief for pet loss.”

Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner Kenda Summers is absolutely right when sheaffirms that modern society is “grief illiterate”, especially when it comes tothe raw, confusing heartache of losing a beloved pet

In her new book, ‘Healing Solutions for Pet Loss’, Summers fuses herprofessional wisdom with her own personal stories, and those of others, tohelp readers navigate the uncertain waters of saying goodbye to their bestfriend. While gaining an understanding of the emotions attached to thegrieving process.


When Kenda Summers lost her heart dog, there was no one to turn to that trulyunderstood her sadness and grief. In Healing Solutions for Pet Loss, KendaSummers created a road map for those of you who are heartbroken, lost, feelalone, and full of sadness over the loss of your beloved pet. This book isfilled with healing information and provides a deep understanding of what youare going through. As a society, we are grief illiterate, and we often findourselves stuck with no one around to help us deal with all the emotions weare going through. We hear phrases like “Oh are you still upset about Maggie”?or “You know you can always get another pet.” To truly heal you need to firstunderstand what you are going through. This book will become your road map tohaving a better understanding of grief and the emotional roller coaster it hasyou on. You will hear Kenda Summer’s share her story. You will also hear fromother bereaved pet loss owners about how they are coping since losing the loveof their lives. You are not alone on this journey. There are many others justlike you out there, this book will guide you to finding your Love and Lightagain. Above all remember “Love is Love and Grief is Grief”.

“I’ve said it a thousand times before and I’ll say it again – losing a pet isas tough, raw and life-changing as losing a human,” explains the author. “As aCertified Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner I have helped people all around theworld deal with the trauma and pure heartache of losing a pet, and my ownexperiences dealing with painful pet grief have helped me help others. Thisbook is the next step in that process.”

Continuing, “I have crafted something that not only brings clarity andunderstanding to the situation, but also gives people actionable steps andstrategies they can work with, to help ease the pain and move into a newrhythm of life, while always honouring and cherishing the pet they’ve lost.Our animals can stay with us forever, in a productive and joy-filled way.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Grangerwrites, “This is a book for everyone who has ever been through the absolutegut-wrenching loss of a pet. Kenda’s experience and strategies will help youin so many ways both understand the emotional rollercoaster and move forwardwith joy in your heart”.

John Voelz adds, “In her new book, “Healing Solutions for Pet Loss,” KendaSummers provides informative and empathetic insight into grieving for a lovedand lost family member. I still feel the pangs of losing my Shepherd/Huskyover 25 years ago……I could feel how Kenda addressed many of those feelingsfrom then and also those that linger today. A very good friend of minerecently lost her beloved Yorkie. I have already told her this book is a musthave!!”

‘Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Goodbye Is Not Forever ~ The Road Map toFinding Love and Light Again’ is available now:

Copies can be purchased from the author’s official website:

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