Pet Industry News is on the hunt for new, interesting, or innovativeveterinary products to be featured across the relaunched magazine andwebsite.

With just 13,000 veterinarians in Australia, it can prove difficult to getyour product in front of the right people, that’s why Pet Industry News isinviting you to have your product reviewed, launched, and featured across bothprint and digital.

As Australia’s longest standing and most trusted pet trade publication,reaching an expansive audience of roughly 45,000 people including retailers,veterinarians, breeders, groomers, aquatics, boarding services, and suppliers,we can ensure your product is seen by those who matter.

If you’d like your product featured in the pages of Australia’s only petindustry trade publication, please get in contact with Thomas Oakley-Newell atto[email protected] or Deborah Jackson at [email protected].

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