The Australian Government is developing a new ten-year Threatened SpeciesStrategy this year and is seeking input from interested stakeholders andmembers of the public. A survey is now open on ‘Have Your Say’ until 20November 2020.

The current Threatened Species Strategy established clear priorities to focusefforts and make a difference for our threatened species. The new Strategywill incorporate some of the existing priorities, consider new and emergingchallenges and build on lessons learned from the current Strategy.

This initial stage of consultation is seeking the public’s input on priorityissues to be considered in the development of the new Strategy, includingprinciples for selecting priorities and action areas to focus effort. To readthe discussion paper and provide your feedback, please visit the Have Your Saypage.

A five-year Action Plan will also be developed in 2021 that will set outpractical targets, priority species and actions. There will be opportunity in2021 to provide input into the first five-year Action Plan, including theselection of priority species.

The development of the new Strategy and first Action Plan is a consultativeprocess, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and the community.

The new Strategy and Action Plans will drive practical on-ground action andsupport the development of new tools and technologies to help address themultiple pressures our species face and build resilience in our threatenedspecies and their habitat.

More information about the role of the Threatened Species Commissioner and theThreatened Species Strategy in national conservation efforts can be found at:Threatened Species Commissioner.

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