Wiesbaden – 11 months prior to the start of Interzoo, organizer WZF(Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH) announces promisingexhibitor registration numbers for the world-leading fair. More than 1,600exhibitors have already confirmed their participation at the next Interzoo. Inadvance of the exhibition, WZF is working with Euromonitor International andother partners to offer a series of online presentations on topics affectingthe pet industry as a digital service starting in July 2020.

Preparations for Interzoo 2021 are in full swing. From tomorrow (1 July)companies that have not yet booked a stand or that had initially cancelledtheir participation during the coronavirus crisis will be able to register asexhibitors. The leading international trade fair for the pet supplies industrywill take place next year from 1 to 4 June. To date, in excess of 1,600exhibitors from 66 countries have confirmed that they intend to take part inthe trade fair organised by WZF at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

“The number of exhibitors who have already registered is proof that there isplenty of support from the sector for the new event date in 2021,” says WZFCEO Alexandra Facklamm. “The second registration phase now offers all othercompanies the opportunity to register as exhibitors for Interzoo 2021 tosecure access to a platform for the cultivation of existing customers and theacquisition of new business.”

For Alexandra Facklamm, the fact that more than 90 percent of exhibitors havetransferred their original stand booking for May 2020 to the new date in anodd-numbered year is evidence of their trust in trade fairs as a marketingtool in general and in Interzoo in particular. The significant interest inexhibiting at Interzoo indicates that trade fairs in the B2B segment are seenas very important and that digital formats predominantly serve a complementarypurpose.

“Digital solutions can showcase products creatively and present details in astriking way, but they are no substitute for the multi-sensory experience of atrade fair. For many products, face-to-face communication and an experienceinvolving all senses are still essential, especially when innovations that arebeing introduced to the market for the first time are involved,” adds DrRowena Arzt, Director Exhibitions at WZF. “What we are also seeing is thatdigital services are becoming increasingly important as a complement to atrade fair, e.g. between individual events, hence we are working on newadditional options for our customers.”

**Online professional development: topic-specific digital presentations

for the international pet supplies industry**

Interzoo’s on-site supporting and conference programme will be complemented bya new digital service in the run-up to the trade show. In collaboration withmarket research company Euromonitor International and other partners, Interzooorganizer WZF is launching a series of online presentations for the petsupplies industry starting in July 2020. The online presentations in Englishwill be free of charge and accessible worldwide.

The 45-minute presentations by experts will each cover topics affecting thepet supplies industry now and in the future, or will present marketdevelopments such as the development of the global market for pet products,special insights into the pet food segment, the effects of e-commerce on thesector or the importance of sustainability in the pet industry. The firstseries on the impact of the coronavirus crisis is titled “Pet IndustryInsights in the Light of COVID-19” and will be available as of 9 July 2020.Registration opens on 3 July.

“We have worked successfully with Euromonitor on the conference programme forInterzoo, especially in respect of country-specific topics. By launching thesejoint online sessions, we are now extending our partnership with Euromonitorto the digital sphere in the run-up to Interzoo,” explains Dr Rowena Arzt. “Weregard the online presentations as a valuable addition to the physicalsupporting programme at Interzoo. In periods between trade fairs, they allowus to provide Interzoo customers, regardless of time zone or location, withimportant information about the market and the sector. In doing so we are alsokeeping pace with the latest trends.”

As of 3 July, participants can register for the first online seminar atwww.interzoo.com/webinar-july2020.

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