Trade fairs provide an opportunity to discover trends and new developments, beinspired, and order products and services directly from the manufacturers. Theexhibiting companies observe the competition, check market opportunities andnetwork with suppliers, sales partners and customers. How that functions atthe physical version of the world’s leading trade fair in the pet suppliessector Interzoo is well known. But how will the global pet industry achieveits trade fair objectives at from 1 to 4 June this year?

Quick access to information

At, visitors will have quick and easy access to a wide rangeof exhibitors. A structured visit can be achieved by searching the show floorfor providers and specific product groups and brands. In the “My Interzoo”area, participants will see their own appointments and their favouriteexhibitors or speakers.

There is also room for the unexpected, just like at the in-person trade fair:visitors can surf the show floor to view exhibitor profiles or call in to thevideo channel “Products & Companies” to discover new products through shortvideos created by the exhibitors.

Establish direct contacts

Networking is a major plus at Not only can exhibitors andvisitors get to know each other, but visitors can also network amongthemselves. The system draws on personal profiles and posted interests toidentify suitable business partners. Participants can also use a basic searchfunction to find specific people, and can arrange appointments with nocomplications. Conversations use either chat or video functions, and can beone-to-one or in groups.

From the Lobby at, trade visitors can move directly to theNetworking area with just a click. Once there, they will find connections withother individuals and locate new participants and exhibitors suggested by thesystem based on their existing connections. At a graphic level, the network isconveniently laid out, with a slider to adjust the number of contacts ofpotential interest.

Appeal to target groups

Exhibitors can see in real time who is visiting their company profile and whohas an interest in their products and services. All leads generated in thisway are easy to download and process for post-fair activities.

Exhibitors will best reach their target group by laying out their profileclearly with images, videos and documents, and labelling their products withkeywords and key phrases. They will also extend their reach and generate moreinteraction by taking part in the supporting programme. For example,businesses can upload a video to the “Product & Company” channel and then,depending on the trade fair package they booked, set up a theme and trend-based virtual café or appear with speakers in the main programme. Everyexhibitor profile should identify one or more contacts with whom visitors canchat or arrange appointments.

Cost advantages at

Speciality pet retailers who launch into the digital world can benefit frommeeting their suppliers or getting to know new providers without having totake time out for travel. The costs associated with travel and possibly alsoaccommodation for “normal” trade fairs also no longer apply. For those whosecuriosity has not yet been piqued, the “goodie bag” at the Interzoo.digitalplatform might do the trick: trade visitors can look forward to specialexhibitor offers and discounts.

Participants can move from the home page to the free main programme with bothrecorded and live presentations, or can enjoy more in-depth professionaldiscussions in one of the themed cafés.

Register at your leisure

The Ticket Shop for visitors opens in mid-April. Those interested in receivingnotifications should pencil in their details now To enable the sector to familiarize itself withthe platform and establish some initial contacts, will beonline at least a week before the start of the actual event, which isscheduled for 1-4 June.

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