It’s the appeal that keeps on giving. Every year, hundreds of Sydneysidersgive generously to ensure homeless dogs and cats don’t miss out on the joys ofChristmas through the annual Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy ChristmasAppeal.

Now in its 13th year, the appeal distributes donations for dogs and cats toanimal shelters across Sydney.

The appeal was founded in 2006 by animal lover Nicola Addison from a simpleidea: get friends and colleagues to add to their shopping baskets a singleitem for a cat or dog (food, treat or toy) and drop it off at one of manyDrop-Off Points throughout Sydney.

Since then, the Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy Christmas Appeal (orGADAB for short) has grown into an annual movement, receiving a hugecollection of goodies each year, donated by hundreds of people, dropped off atover 28 DROP OFF POINTS in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury.Nicola says “The appeal is an easy but effective way to give dogs and cats atrescue shelters and pets of homeless people a much needed treat duringChristmas.”

“This appeal is so simple” Nicola says. “Over Christmas it offers people theopportunity to feel good by doing something that means they are part of thesolution, 1 person buys 1 item toy, treat or food for a dog or cat and takesit to one of our DROP OFF POINTS, it’s so easy.

HOW CAN YOU HELP: Buy 1 item for a dog or cat and take it to a GADAB DROPOFF POINT – locations here:


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