Easter 2021 is almost here! There is no denying that the Easter period of 2020was a challenging one for everyone in Australia. It was when we were allthrown into the depths of the reality of COVID-19 and Australian’s faced theirfirst lockdown period, which meant that the usual festive times spent withfamily and friends were cancelled.

No doubt, many families are still feeling the effects of this. So many peoplelost holidays that they had been planning, weddings were cancelled,celebrations such as birthdays were no longer able to be held, and heavyrestrictions come into place affecting religious gathers and even funerals.Many businesses were thrown into uncertainty as they went into hibernationstages and wondered what the following months would bring.

Businesses in the Pet Boarding, Day Care, and Training industries were heavilyaffected, with their usual peak seasons coming to a complete and totalstandstill. The industry has adapted and grown over the last year to becomemore diverse and flexible as everyone involved continues to navigate the ever-changing world that we now live in.

This year, the Australian community can help the Pet Boarding and Day Careindustry by looking ahead and making plans for their Easter break. We areencouraging pet owners all over Australia to consider the Easter break, travelto support Australian tourism, and support local by contacting your local PetCare boarding facilities to give you pet a holiday too.

Remember, even if you are not planning on travelling, your pet might need abreak too! Often families will look to book their pet in for a holiday awayfrom home if they have families or friends travelling to stay with them, assome pets can become very overwhelmed in the house with so many changes to theroutines. Even considering Day Care options is a great alternative, just togive your pet a break from the hustle and bustle that a festive season canbring.

Members of the community who are searching for a Pet Care facility can view alist of all our Members at:https://www.australianpetcareassociation.com.au/member-list/

Or, to join and become a member with us, go to:https://www.australianpetcareassociation.com.au/membership/application/ orcontact us anytime by emailing [email protected]

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