Wiesbaden. Interzoo Academy’s new wide–ranging programme launched on 31August. The online content focuses on the trends, challenges, and marketdevelopments in the pet supplies industry providing users with information ontopics relevant to the sector ahead of next physical Interzoo.

Following the virtual Interzoo.digital event in June 2021 and in advance ofInterzoo 2022 (24–27 May in Nuremberg), Interzoo organizer WZF(Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe) is continuing to expandthe Interzoo Academy programme. Since late summer, it has started tosuccessively make available a number of highlights from the previousprogramme of presentations from the leading international trade fair and itsdigital variants as well as new lectures.

At the Interzoo Academy, the focus is primarily on market developments andissues affecting the pet supplies industry now and in the future. “We believethat within the framework of the Interzoo Academy it’s especially importantfor us to address regional aspects and the characteristics of specific marketsalong with general issues affecting the pet supplies sector. We’re workingwith a network of international experts who will share their specialistknowledge via this medium,” says Dr Rowena Arzt, Exhibition Director atWZF/Interzoo and Head of the Interzoo Academy.

Opening session on “Chinese Pet Care Market Trends” The programme launched on31 August with a session from market research company EuromonitorInternational on key developments in the pet supplies industry in China.

Senior Analyst Miranda Zhou describes the change in the pet population duringthe pandemic and addresses product trends in food and accessories for cats anddogs. She explains the positioning of regional brands and the competing marketshares of the various sales channels.

On 14 September there will be a web seminar on the impact of the pandemic onthe Italian and German pet supplies market. Pascale Sonvico, Show OfficeManager & International Sales at pet supplies exhibition ZoomarkInternational, and Dr Rowena Arzt will report on the situation for retailersand service providers in the two countries since the first lockdown and theimpact of the crisis on people’s lives with their pets.

Sustainability is an important issue for the sector. On 28 September, theresults of the second sustainability survey conducted by WZF in collaborationwith the Antwerp Management School (AMS) will be presented. Jan Beyne, aresearcher at the AMS Sustainable Transformation Lab, will discuss currentsustainability trends, perspectives, and challenges in the pet suppliesindustry. The complete survey including best practices can also be acquired asa PDF from the Interzoo Academy.

At the beginning of October, there’ll be another market analysis byEuromonitor International: Raphael Moreau, Research Consultant – Food &Drinks, will provide an overview of “Pet Care in Western Europe” and reflecton growth trends and brand strategies under the impact of the pandemic.

Innovative marketing approaches are very important for both manufacturers andretailers. Starting at the end of October, Matthias Wiesensee from Petosocialand other influencers will provide insights into “Influencer Marketing forRetailers.”

The Interzoo Academy will kick–start the new year with a topic that has beenespecially important to us since the pandemic began: digitalisation. Business
coach Peter Holzer will give a presentation on the significant influence ofdigitalisation on corporate culture, leadership, and communication.

Get insights into international industry issues with the Interzoo AcademyPress release – September 2021 page 3/4 How does the Interzoo Academy work?
To register for individual sessions, go to: www.interzoo–academy.com.Registered participants will receive a link to the session on the day it ispublished. Following publication, the sessions can be accessed on demand onthe website.

The language of the seminars is usually English. More sessions on theinternational pet supplies industry are already being planned and will beannounced gradually. You can find out about the programme, content, andbackground in the Academy’s regular newsletter.

For more information and to register, please go to: www.interzoo–academy.com

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