China is at the front row when it comes to e-commerce. In recent years, thestrong growth of the e-commerce market is gradually being curbed. With the in-depth development of e-commerce, the shortcomings of traditional e-commerceplatforms have gradually emerged: what followed is the explosion of livestreaming, combined with the emergence of a new generation of online andoffline e-commerce combined models.

At first, live-stream emerged on Taobao to increase the conversion rate ofbrand on the platform, similar to group buying and short video. As livebroadcast brought good conversion effects, its priority has graduallyincreased since then.

Users of short video platforms, are increasingly pursuing more and moreinteresting content. The live entertainment industry with singing, dancing,chat and rewarding as the main mode has entered a period of weakness, whileshopping has become the main source of livestream users. In terms ofconsumption, as many as 51.6% of users click on third-party e-commerceplatforms to shop, and 48.0% of users purchase goods in the platform’s built-in e-commerce.

When short video and content platform has entered the field of e-commerce, thetraditional e-commerce platform is faced greater challenge than ever. TikTokhas launched its first shopping festival 818 Shopping Festival with a turnoverof over RMB 8 billion. Kuaishou e-commerce announced the order volume inAugust has exceeded RMB 500 million. The order volume in the past 12 monthswas second only to Taobao Tmall, and Pinduoduo, ranking fourth.

Livestream and short video platforms have changed the way consumers purchase.Influencers with large fun base introduce tips for raising pet and sharehumorous videos of their pet to their followers, and this could also be achance to place blind advertising. The top 1 pet influencer on TikTok is a catwith 15.563 million fans. During the top 5 pet influencers, 3 among them arecats. The products these pet influencers promote are not limited to petsupplies, but also involves home appliances, human snack and beverage.

CIPS offline trade show as the leading b2b platform in Asian will be held onNov 12-15 at Guangzhou. CIPS invites major domestic and internationale-commerce platform to share insight of online trade at the venue. Withdiverse events to suit different needs of the professionals, CIPS is expectedto be a marvelous opportunity for all professionals to trade, connect,network, and build brands.

CIPS conformed the trend of online business, and launched CIPS Online TradeShow which is open to all pet professionals around the globe and encouragecommunication, learn and trade amid the epidemic. Buyers can connect with 1500suppliers through this platform by livestream, face-to-face chat, text andview more than 100,000 products in details. In the meanwhile, one-to-one matchmeeting will be arranged by CIPS team. The CIPS Online Trade show, the one-stop sourcing platform with one simple click.

Online show:

Offline show:

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