German dog owners are barking mad about a planned new law that would forcethem to take their pooches on at least two walks a day.

The country’s Agriculture Minister, Julia Kloeckner, announced this week shewill introduce legislation requiring that man’s best friend get at least two30-minute walks daily, according to the BBC.

“Pets are not cuddly toys — their needs have to be considered,” saidKloeckner, adding that it’s important for dogs to get exercise and not be leftalone for too long.

But some Germans said it’s wrong-headed to think that all canines have thesame exercise needs — and demanded that the government keep its paws out oftheir business.

“Compulsory Walkies for Dog Owners? Rubbish!” the Bild newspaper howled in anopinion piece about the rule.

Others stressed that a pup’s physical needs depend on its health, age andbreed.

“One rule for all dogs is probably well meant but unrealistic,” said UdoKopernik, a spokesman for the German Dog Association.

Kloeckner’s rule also includes a ban on leaving dogs alone for long periods oftime and keeping them chained up for too long.

It also forbids breeders from having more than three litters at a time, andrequires puppies to be in the company of a person for at least four hours aday, according to the outlet.

Kloeckner said the proposal is based on expert advice to ensure animalprotection and welfare. A draft of the new rule has already been drawn up andcould become law early next year.

It wasn’t immediately clear how it would be enforced, but a spokeswoman forthe agriculture ministry said that private dog owners would not likely receivepolice visits.

Source: New York Post

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