They are the Gentle Giants of the horse world, recognised in Australia as‘the breed that built the nation’ and over the weekend of June 12 and 13 atBoonah in the Scenic Rim, the CLYDESDALE will be celebrated in style.

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular is the richest Clydesdale Show in theSouthern Hemisphere, where the grand champions of the breed are judged, theScottish heritage of the breed is shared, and the history of the breed inAustralia – and in the Scenic Rim – is celebrated.

Over two action packed days, a full program of Clydesdale competition willtake place in the main arena at the Boonah Showground, including led, carriageand harness classes. And there’s much more ….

The program also features rare trades demonstrations that focus around “theheavy horse” – harness making, blacksmithing, wheelwrights, horse-drawndemonstrations and driving displays, whip plaiting and more. Additionalhighlights include the Queensland Whip Cracking Championships, the World BillyBoiling Championships, wood chopping, shingle cutting demonstrations, workingdog displays, Friesian Horse Troupe performances and bush poetry.

In tribute to the Scottish descendants who moved to the region and broughtwith them their beloved Clydesdale breed, the event includes a stirringmassing of Pipes and Drums, Calling of the Clans, the Clydesdale and Clanclass and traditional Scottish caber tossing. There’ll be whiskey, haggisburgers and more and of course, Scots are encouraged to attend in their clankilts!

“The event will feature some of the top bred Clydesdales in the country, andshouldn’t be missed by anyone who has an interest in this magnificent breed,or anyone who loves horses, or for that matter anyone who wants a brilliantexperience in the country where there is literally something to watch andexperience at every moment!” said event organiser Greta Stanfield.

The Boonah region’s Clydesdale heritage is unique, and began around the 1840s.When the Australian Clydesdale numbers began to decline in the 1960s, a localfamily bred vigour back into the breed, promoted its value and presided overthe rebirth of the Clydesdale horse in Queensland and Australia. Pat and ColEhrich and their families were instrumental in maintaining the breed when italmost disappeared from the Australian landscape. The breed is still listedas ‘vulnerable’ internationally.

“The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular was born from a desire by localbreeders to pay respect to the history and heritage of this magnificent horse.From the beginning this event has attracted competitors, participants andspectators from across the country and overseas, and we expect some 5,000people from all around Australia to attend this year,” said Greta.

BOONAH’S CLYDEBUILT : Famously standing bastion at the entry to Boonah isa towering 3 metre sculpture of a Clydesdale by internationally acclaimedartist Andy Scott. The statue was built in a local Butter Factory workshop anda local economic development committee raised the funds to buy it after it hadbeen displayed at the Swell Sculpture by the Sea Festival in Sydney.

Known as “Clydebuilt” the sculpture is recognised by the Queensland NationalTrust, and is also the logo of the Clydesdale Spectacular, an example of howheritage and art combine to celebrate the history of a region and develop anevent which brings together a community and attracts thousands to the region.

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