When Joachim Böhme founded the company JBL in Ludwigshafen in 1960, he couldonly hope that his company would remain in family ownership later on. When hisson, Roland Böhme, took over the management in 1991, the second generation wasassured. Exactly 30 years later, on 04 January 2021, the time had come: WithStella Kaltenmeier-Böhme, Roland Böhme’s daughter took over the management ofJBL in the third generation. Her father will assist her as strategic managingdirector.

Stella Kaltenmeier-Böhme completed her Master’s degree in “International SMEManagement” and then worked for four years in a medium-sized company inHeidelberg. At JBL she carried out several internships in almost alldepartments. One of the most important experiences was a further six months inthe JBL field service, during which she got to know the retail landscape ofthe pet industry. Privately, she has been running an aquarium since herchildhood and got to know aquaristic research in the rainforest for the firsttime on the JBL Venezuela Expedition in 2016. She is looking forward toexpanding this knowledge on the upcoming expedition to Colombia in 2022.

At JBL, the expansion of digitalization is at the top of her to-do list. Shewas particularly impressed by the low staff turnover at JBL. StellaKaltenmeier-Böhme has known many employees since she was a child and now seeshow they have developed at JBL. Her two brothers have also joined the companyas partners. The whole JBL team is very pleased that JBL remains in familyownership.

Source: Pets International magazine

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