Queensland animal loving kids are celebrating the long-awaited launch ofAustralia’s favourite veterinary inspired camp Future Vet Kids Camp inBrisbane during the upcoming school holidays!

Having started in Sydney about 12 years ago, the 5-day program is designed andrun by veterinarians and led by veterinarian sisters Drs Audrey and AlisonShen from the Bondi Vet TV show and Aussie Mobile Vet. The Camp caters tokids aged 9 to 16 years and encourages responsible pet ownership, theprofession of veterinary medicine and a love and appreciation of all animalsand their habitats!

The Brisbane camp will be held at the Holy Family Primary School inIndooroopilly on 28 June – 2 July and 5 – 9 July 2021. Registration isopen to ages 9 to 14 only, with expressions of interest accepted for olderteens for a future camp. The Virtual Online Camp will run concurrently to theHQ Brisbane Camp with the ability for kids to join the classroom virtually andparticipate with questions in real time.

Dr Audrey said, “We know there are a lot of pet loving kids in Queensland.Some have even traveled to Sydney just to attend Future Vet Kids Camp andbegged for us to run the program in their home state. We are thrilled tofinally announce our first camp in Brisbane! Future Vet Kids Camp will also berunning its second Virtual Online program after a successful first run duringlast year’s pandemic lockdown, welcoming aspiring young vets from acrossAustralia and the world!

“We are running the Virtual Online Camp concurrently to our HQ Brisbane Campand have added in the ability for kids to join the classroom virtually and askall questions in real time if they wish!” said Dr Alison, who is based inBrisbane. “What I love most about the program is to see so many kids with thesame passion learning and enjoying camp together and the lifelong friendshipsthat are made.

“The camp showcases all the opportunities available as veterinarians and otherwonderful professions in the animal industry. Many campers return every yearto learn more and progress through the camp groups.”

Campers will learn about genetic diseases, pet nutrition, dog behaviour andenrichment, exotic animals, surgery, animal rescue, wildlife conservation andmuch more! They will also visit state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals forexclusive behind-the-scenes experiences and other exciting excursions,including the RSPCA Wildlife Animal Hospital and Lone Pine Sanctuary!

Drs Alison and Audrey are also excited about the outstanding presentersinvolved, such as surgical vets, wildlife and exotic vets, animal rescuegroups, veterinary specialists, snake catchers, mobile vets and even a visitfrom the Queensland Mounted Police! The vet twins have been heavily involvedin the treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife injured by the 2019-2020summer bushfires and hope to bring the campers some insight into what theyhave learnt in this area.

“Whether or not the kids end up following the path to a career in veterinarymedicine, simply being around lots of different animals (from kittens tosnakes) and animal lovers from across the country have such a positive impacton them,” said Dr Alison.


Dates: 28 June – 2 July and 5 – 9 July, 2021

Location: Holy Family Primary School, Indooroopilly QLD and Virtual Camp

Daily hours: 9am – 3:30pm

Cost: $595

Program Schedulehere

For more information and to register online, please visitwww.futurevetkidscamp.com/camps or phone 0435 267 252.

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