The Fressnapf Group ends 2020 with total annual sales of € 2.65 billion. Thisis an increase of €351 million or 15.2% compared to the previous year. “Weconfirm the largest absolute sales growth in the company’s history, bothstationary and online, and are growing faster than the competition”.

“With our strategy of building an ecosystem, we have the superior concept forthe future and are on the right track,” says company founder Torsten Toeller,expressing his satisfaction and offensive in equal measure. With regard to thechallenges posed by the global Corona pandemic, Toeller says: “As a system-relevant retailer, we are grateful and humbled that our customers, ourpartners, and all of our nearly 15,000 employees have trusted us. Theemployees in the stores, logistics and national headquarters in particularwere permanently there for our customers and did a sensational job. That’s whywe distributed an additional tax-free Corona bonus of more than €2.5 millionlast year.”

For the first time, sales of more than one billion euros were achieved in theinternational business of the ten national subsidiaries. €1.09 billioncorresponds to growth of 20.3% or €183 million. In the core market of Germany,annual sales totaled €1.57 billion – an increase of €167 million or 11.9%.Growth in existing sales area shows a year-on-year increase of 13.2% for theFressnapf Group as a whole. All eleven countries in the Fressnapf Group grewprofitably last year.

The most significant growth driver last year was the online channel: Withsales up 45% or €50 million to now around €160 million, the already ambitiousplanned growth was significantly exceeded. “We are seeing that online salesare not cannibalizing the stationary business,” emphasizes Fressnapf l MaxiZoo Managing Director Dr. Johannes Steegmann.

Investment offensive in the current year: more than 70 million euros from ourown resources

“We are planning over €40 million for the expansion of over 100 new locationsin Europe alone, and we are also providing additional funds for possibleacquisitions.” Particular focus is being placed on France, Italy, Poland andDenmark. “We are driving the consolidation of the industry and have recentlydemonstrated this with the successful acquisition of Danish competitorPetWorld with 36 locations and online stores.”

More than €30 million are being invested in particular in the expansion of theonline channel in all eleven countries of the Fressnapf Group and thecorresponding technical infrastructure for the ecosystem.

Fressnapf exclusive brands continue on the upswing – for the first time alsoin new countries

The 16 exclusive brands in the Fressnapf Group’s product range have also beenon an expansion course since last year. With a total of €1.32 billion, theseonce again exceeded the billion-euro sales mark – an increase of €146 millionor 12.4% on the previous year. For the first time, exclusive brands such asSelect Gold, Real Nature, Premiere and MultiFit are also sold in Croatia,Serbia and Slovenia via the strategic partner Zoo Hobby. These long-termstrategic partnerships are also to be expanded into countries in which theFressnapf Group does not operate its own bricks-and-mortar or online business.

Source: Pets International magazine

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