Growl towels is an on line business selling direct to customers, alsowholesale B2B, market stalls and pet trade fairs.

Beautiful dog themed highly absorbent bath & beach towels, including largeround towels & accessories. Dog owners treat themselves or their dogs to thesefun exceptional towels. Products are multifunctional for personal use or tocover dog beds, throws on furniture or as comforting dog travel rugs

Included is all stock, all social media sites, Instagram site has 5000+followers, gallery of professional product images, all suppliers details,operating systems,all templates and Pay Pal Here devices. Fully Operationalfrom day 1. Support offered. A unique opportunity to expand to includeshampoos & pet care products or purchase all stock on hand to add to your ownbusiness.

At well below replacement cost don t miss this opportunity. Callfor details.

Sadly offered for sale due to illness. An opportunity for a savvy buyer,expand to include shampoos & pet care products.

Call for details Roselys Blaich 0419 330 365

email: [email protected]


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