Enterra Feed Corp. has tapped into the Canadian government’s latest push tocurb food waste to boost its business of transforming maggots into animalfeed.

Enterra used a C$6 million ($4.7 million) federal loan to help equip its188,000-square-foot facility near Calgary, Alberta with specialized machinerythat processes discarded fruit and vegetables from a government programdesigned to keep food from landfills.

Enterra feeds food that was bound for the dumpster to black soldier flylarvae, which are processed into high-protein feed ingredients for pet, fishand poultry. The company’s Alberta facility expects to recycle more than 130metric tons of such waste daily by mid 2021, using scraps collected fromfarms, grocery stores and processors.

The loan was made through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriInnovateprogram, which aims to accelerate the commercialization and adoption ofinnovation in the agricultural industry. Enterra received the financing in themiddle of last year, though Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-ClaudeBibeau disclosed the loan Monday at a press event.

“Our sustainable approach of using pre-consumer food waste and upcycling thenutrients allows valuable nutrients that are often left unutilized orunderutilized to be captured,” Enterra Chief Executive Officer Keith Driversaid in a statement. “The resulting products are high-quality feed ingredientswith unique beneficial properties that markets are demanding around theworld.”

Enterra is one of a number of companies around the world that are turningmaggots into feed using food waste. Research firm Arcluster has forecast theinsect-farming business will grow tenfold to exceed $4.1 billion globally by2025.

Enterra already sells its product into North American pet food, poultry andwild bird markets, and recently expanded to the European Union. The company,which was founded in 2007, plans to build more facilities.

“This work is revolutionary and now Enterra is a world leader in harnessingthe power of insects to feed and care for the world,” Driver said.

Source:Marcy Nicholson Yahoo Finance

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