Who does this notice affect?

Some importers of marine and freshwater ornamental finfish

What has changed?

As advised in Industry Advice Notice 76-2021, the Department of Agriculture,Water and the Environment will remove countries from the approved countrylists for marine and freshwater ornamental finfish that have not exported anylive ornamental finfish to Australia over the past 10 years.

The date the approved countries list will be updated has been changed from 30May 2021 to 13 September 2021. From this date some countries will no longer beable to export live ornamental finfish to Australia.

The Department has made a change to the list of countries they plan to removefrom the approved country lists as listed in Industry Advice Notice 76-2021.French Polynesia will no longer be removed from the marine or freshwaterapproved countries list.

Why is the department making this change?

Industry Advice Notice 76-2021 outlines the reasons why the Department isremoving countries from the approved country lists.

French Polynesia will remain on the approved country lists as they expressedinterest in undergoing a competent authority evaluation under the currentdepartmental processes to maintain market access for marine and freshwaterornamental finfish.

Further information

Information about the import conditions for live ornamental finfish, includingthe approved country lists for marine and freshwater ornamental finfish isavailable on the department’s Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON).

If you require further information or would like to make a submission, pleaseemail [email protected]

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