The NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) is seeking feedback onthe proposed introduction of a new dog licensing scheme.

The Consultation Paper: Licensing and regulation of cat and dog breedersproposes a new licensing scheme for dog breeders and changes to the regulationof dog and cat breeders across the state.

Adam Marshall, Minister for Agriculture, said the release of the paper was inresponse to heightened concerns about companion animal breeding practices.

“The vast majority of breeders are complying with the current animal welfarelaws, however unfortunately there are some unscrupulous operators doing thewrong thing, which is why we need to introduce a licensing scheme and reviewthe regulations to make sure they are fit for purpose.”

Marshall said the proposal would introduce a commercial dog breeder licensingscheme that would provide additional oversight to larger scale breeders andwould help find and shut down puppy factories but would not affect smallerhobby breeders.

“There are absolutely no plans to burden primary producers or hobby breeders,these proposed changes are aimed squarely at large-scale commercial breeders,as that is where the concerns and problems are.”

Feedback on the proposal is open until 31 December 2021.

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