National Farm Safety Week is underway and acts as a reminder of the manydangers involved in farming and the need to protect our farmers and farmworkers the best we can.

Minister for Agriculture, Senator Bridget McKenzie said ensuring the safety offarmers was a priority, and Farm Safety Week was an opportunity to continuethis conversation.

“We need to protect our farmers, farm workers and their families from therisks when operating machinery and farm vehicles, and from the real andpresent threat of activists invading their farms, damaging property andstealing animals,” Minister McKenzie said.

“The people who produce the food that feeds us have a right to feel safe intheir businesses and their homes without the threat of activists’ invasions.

“The Government acted quickly and decisively, introducing the Criminal CodeAmendment Bill in the first week of Parliament, which is scheduled for debatein the House this week.

“This Bill will criminalise the action of publishing material, via a carriageservice, with the intention to incite trespass, and cause damage anddestruction to agricultural land.

“Our Parliament must stand up to activists, pass these laws and make seriousjail time a potential punishment for keyboard warriors who incite farmtrespass.

“The Government’s commitment to farm safety includes our election commitmentto establish a $3.5 million National Farm Safety Education Fund to addresssafety issues such as dams, quad bikes and machinery, with an emphasis oncampaigns for children.

“We applaud Farmsafe Australia’s commitment to National Farm Safety Week andto raising awareness and improving practices.

“Farm safety is an important issue, and one that this Government will continueto address as we work to grow Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030.”

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