The 12 dogs vying for the title of Australia’s hardest working farm dog haveput in a tremendous effort in the first week of the 2020 Cobber Challenge.

NSW dog Buddy is leading the pack, having clocked the highest distance andduration of work.

The Kelpie-cross covered an impressive 260km over nearly 32 hours in the firstweek, to record an average speed of 8.16km/h during the time he was working.

Owner Glenda Rogan expected Buddy to be a strong competitor thanks to histoughness and work ethic.

In the past week, Glenda and Buddy have spent much of that time mustering cowsand calves on the family’s “Cinnabar” property in northern NSW. They’ve had tomuster the cattle further than they usually would, after the yards closer tothe breeder paddocks were burnt down last year.

She says as well as a great worker, two-year-old Buddy is a “great mate”.

It is Glenda’s second time competing in the Cobber Challenge, having beenrunner up in 2018 with another of her dogs, Jess.

“After seeing Jess out there, I knew the dogs cover big distances and workhard, but Buddy’s performance has still surprised me,” she said.

“I know we’ve still got a long way to go before the end of the competition.”

For the first time, this year’s Cobber Challenge is seeing past competitorslike Glenda return as ‘All Stars’, going head to head with fresh-faced‘Contenders’.

In second place at the end of the first week is new Contender Pip Flower andher dog Hurricane, from Tasmania. The young Border Collie recorded 235.5kmover a total time of 25.5 hours in the first week, to achieve an average speedof 9.2km/h.

In third place is West Australian dog Elsie, who has also recorded over 200kmat an impressive 12.13km/h average speed.

Since last Monday (17 August), the 12 dogs competing in the 2020 CobberChallenge have been wearing a GPS collar to record how far, fast and long theywork each day.

Their owners upload data from the collars each day. Points are awarded basedon how hard they work and published each weekday morning

The competition runs for three weeks until Sunday 6 September, with the winnerto be announced on Monday 7 September.

Kellie Savage, Cobber’s Marketing Manager, says the impressive work done byall competitors highlighted the importance of working dogs to Australianfarms.

Cobber Working Dog Food provides the fuel for the dogs competing in the CobberChallenge as well as thousands of others working hard every day around thecountry.

Competitors for the 2020 Cobber Challenge: All Stars Vs Contenders

All Stars

  • Glenda Rogan and Buddy, Copmanhurst NSW
  • Heidi Mulder and Socks, Prairie QLD
  • Matt Scharkie and Mitch, Terowie SA*
  • Sam McCarthy and Max, Jamestown SA*
  • Damien Clifford and Larry, Woorndoo VIC
  • Jack Febey and Monty, Epping Forest TAS
  • Bec Martin and Bruce, Moora WA


  • Jacinta Bradley and Digger, Tumbarumba NSW
  • Oliver Armstrong and Roudy, St George QLD
  • Skyla Milgate and Cub, Broadwater VIC
  • Pip Flower and Hurricane, Greater Launceston, TAS
  • Harrison Park and Elsie, Badgingarra WA

*Unfortunately, none of the South Australian Contender nominations were eligible for the Cobber Challenge this year. For this reason, both of the South Australian competitors are All Stars.

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