Essential pet products such as medicine and food are desperately neededacross flood-affected regions in Northern NSW and Queensland.

Nikita Stibbard, equine veterinarian from Richmond River Equine VeterinaryServices, said herself and a team of veterinarians and volunteers have beendonating their time and money helping sick, injured, and stranded livestockacross the Northern Rivers area.

“We have an amazing team who have been treating horses, cattle, and smalleranimals. Obviously, there are the veterinarians, but there are also fantasticvolunteers who have been delivering feed, driving up in boats, and drivinghorses in floats here there and everywhere.”

Until recently all efforts were privately funded, with much of the team payingout of their own pocket for essential products and services such ashelicopters and boats to perform rescues.

Stibbard said businesses looking to donate goods can find a setup at BangalowShowground where they are treating horses and are always looking for supplies,alternatively there is also a GoFundMe created to cover the out-of-pocketexpenses such as medicines, foods, supplies, helicopters, and boats.

One company that has already donated to the flood relief is online petretailer Budget Pet Products, which donated crates of essential pet productsto flood-affected regions in Northern NSW.

The company, whose warehouse on the Gold Coast was luckily unaffected, donatedessential products such as food and medicine to the Lismore area with the helpof their logistics partners, Aramex.

Michael Chen, Co-Founder of Budget Pet Products, said given the chance ofcontamination in the water, medicines such as flea and tick prevention werevital.

“We have a lot of staff who have been nurses, so we relied on their expertiseand also our industry expertise to work out what the most essentialnecessities were and through our research we made sure that our donated goodswere going to those most in need.”

Charitable organisation GIVIT are requesting donations of non-perishable petfood, blankets, and vouchers for local pet/livestock supplies in impactedregions.

“GIVIT works directly with councils, outreach teams, charities, and communitygroups to identify exactly what’s needed to make sure people get what theyneed, when they need it,” said a GIVIT spokesperson.

GIVIT donates 100 per cent of funds raised towards the affected communities,and where possible purchases items from local providers to support theeconomic recovery of impacted regions.

Image: LinkedIn/Michael Chen

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