His Majesty King Willem-Alexander officially opened the world’s largest insectfarm at Protix in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. Protix produces insects forsustainable proteins by using plant waste from the environment as feed forinsects. The proteins and other nutrients of insects are very nutritious andcan be fed to animals, especially fish and chickens. In this way, non-sustainable sources, such as fishmeal and soy, can be replaced by asustainable alternative.

During his visit to Protix, King Willem-Alexander met various experts,entrepreneurs and CEOs from the agri-food industry. The programme wasmoderated by Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the World Business Council forSustainable Development (WBCSD). Emphasis was laid on the transition of thefood system to a future in which people can continue to enjoy good food withan ever-lower impact on the environment. King Willem-Alexander was accompaniedby Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Theminister shared her view on the market and explained why insects are part ofher vision for the future of our food system.

King Willem-Alexander was also given a tour of the new facility and was ableto take a look at all aspects of the cultivation process: from egg to endproduct. The cultivation process takes place in a controlled environment andis highly automated with sensor and data systems, robots and climate control.

Kees Aarts, founder and CEO of Protix: “We are very honoured to have welcomedKing Willem-Alexander and minister Schouten in honour of the opening of thelargest insect farm in the world and our ten-year anniversary. This is ofcourse an important milestone for Protix. The opening of our new facilitysignifies a real transformation, not only for our company, but for the entiresector and markets; the transition from prototype to a mature and commercialsector.”

He continued: “We are proud to have been able to bring our innovation tomaturity in the Netherlands. This opening is the springboard to move ourproducts and technology across borders and build our leadership in thisindustry around the world. A ‘Global Technology with Local Impact’ aligns ourvision to achieve a global food system in balance with nature. It was also agreat celebration for all our customers, partners and employees. A memory forlife.”

About Protix Protix is the leading insect company in circular, natural andsustainable proteins from insects. Our vision is a food system in balance withnature. Insects are part of the solution to the protein crisis while buildinga natural and circular food system with minimised food waste. The blacksoldier fly (hermetia illucens) is a key player in bringing our vision tolife: their larvae provide us with a unique source of protein for food andfeed. We are the market leader when it comes to high quality and scalableinsect ingredients production. What makes this possible are the 100+ uniqueindividuals within our company, who are engaged and empowered to make adifference. Our belief in the power of the insect inspires the passion andcreativity that makes us successful.

Source: Aquaculture Directory

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