Who doesn’t love dumplings? Even our dogs will love to eat one (or two), andnow they can with Bowie Drools Over Dumplings – delicious dog-friendlydumpling ideas and recipes for your furry best friend – all tried and tested,and drooled over by Bowie the Labrador.

Bowie’s human mama and avid home chef Riesa Renata combined her passion forcooking and love for dogs and their nutritional health to create delightfuldumpling ideas and super- tasty recipes for every dog and his human!

“I know Bowie loves a recipe more than others by the amount of drool heproduces; that’s why the book is titled Bowie Drools. It’s his uniquefeature!” laughed Riesa.

Each recipe is also a visual rainbow masterpiece, as seen on Bowie’sInstagram!

Bowie Drools Over Dumplings explores different types of dumplings around theworld and adapts them for canine consumption with plenty of options to suitdogs’ dietary needs. Readers can also learn the benefits of each ingredientand know what they feed their dogs.

Simply choose your preferred wrapper (classic flour and water, cheddar cheeseor vegetarian), favourite filling (classic pork, cranberry Christmas turkey,BBQ beef brisket, spring lamb and more!) and the shape of your dumpling. Then“jazz it up” with easy home-cooked bone broth, superfood seeds or your dog’sfavourite meal topper if you wish. Don’t forget dessert dumplings for sweet-tooth pooches! (Go ahead, feed that first!)

“I’m big on variety and feeding in rotation. I also love the idea of eatingthe rainbow – for humans and for dogs. It’s about making eating fun (andhealthy!),” said Riesa. “You don’t need to be a qualified chef to cook therecipes at home – everyone can do it!”

See featured image for some of Riesa’s drool-worthy dog meal creations.

Riesa’s cooking journey began in her Melbourne home kitchen during thepandemic lockdown last year. Bowie’s delectable meals have inspired manysocial media followers to create ‘fancy’ meals for their own dogs. Riesacreated cheddar cheese wrapped dumplings (possibly Riesa’s invention!) whichthen inspired her to write Bowie Drools Over Dumplings.

Born and raised in Indonesia, she grew up eating different types of Chinesedumplings. When she began researching for the book, she discovered othercuisines had their own version of dumplings, such as the Turkish Manti,Japanese Gyoza and South American Empanada.

“They all seem to share a similar trait that the dumplings represent theculture, tradition and a link to their family through food,” said Riesa. “Ilove eating, cooking for and serving food to my family and friends, and itjust seems natural to share what I love to eat and serve with Bowie.

“I love cooking for Bowie because I know what I’m feeding him and he’sinvolved every step of the way, as the ‘chief tester and taster’ and qualitycontrol. For me, it’s like a bonding session with Bowie,” said Riesa.

Bowie Drools Over Dumplings is not a traditional recipe book where youjust follow a recipe and that’s it. It also gives you plenty of ideas andinspiration to create your own dumplings to suit your dog’s needs. I’m a bigadvocate for that!”

Bowie Drools Over Dumplings is beautifully designed and crafted withoriginal illustrations, letterpress detail on the cover and bespoke binding.It will make a great addition to your repertoire of treat recipes for yourdog, and a perfect gift for any dog lovers.

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