A number of dogs have died suddenly in Norway from a mysterious illness overthe past few days and authorities are warning owners to limit contact betweenpets.

The canines have fallen violently ill, with symptoms including diarrhea andvomiting. Veterinarians estimate that as many as 20 have died across thecountry. Autopsies of deceased dogs have so far been inconclusive, but havehighlighted two types of bacteria, according to the Norwegian Food SafetyAuthority.

The agency said in a statement on Friday that it’s “still looking widely forpossible causes, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.”

Authorities estimate 30-40 dogs have fallen ill and five to six more werereported to have had symptoms overnight, two of which died, according to statebroadcaster NRK. Veterinary hospital Anicura estimated on Thursday that asmany as 20 dogs have died.

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