Coronavirus restrictions have seen a surge in pet ownership as well as theresilience and fragility of the pet industry in Australia. Pet journalistCaroline Zambrano learns how some sectors are managing through the crisis andshares their insights and advice to succeed.

The coronavirus crisis has affected the majority of Australian businesses byconsiderably reducing demand for goods, services and cash flow since the onsetof the pandemic and resulting in nearly one-third of businesses having reducedstaff, according to the Australian Government’s Department of Education,Skills and Employment’s ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses’ report.

**** “It’s the greatest disruption in 100 years, creating an economy ofuncertainty and change,” said Barry Urquhart, internationally recognisedauthor, business strategist and consumer behaviour analyst.

“There’s evidence that the ‘snap-back’ in demand, purchases and expenditure isslower, narrower and less than experienced in the period before thedeclaration of COVID-19 pandemic.”

Also, the federal government’s $120 billion Job Seeker and Job Keeper packagesending in September will be a prime trigger for a recession/depression, headded.

Australia’s pet industry has shown incredible resilience overall, but it isnot isolated or immune to the general umbrella of circumstances that is goingto envelope society and the economy, said Mr Urquhart.

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