Who does this notice affect?

This notice is for all airlines, freight forwarders, pet transport companiesand importers of cats and dogs to Australia.

What has changed?

COVID-19 impact on cat and dog imports to Australia

Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to impact the importation of cats and dogsinto Australia. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

The department is aware of the prolonged world-wide travel disruption,including cancelled flights and airline-imposed restrictions, resulting indifficulties organising transportation of pets to Australia. While thedepartment is strongly committed to our role of managing biosecurity importconditions, we are unable to assist in flight logistics for animals beingimported into Australia. Such arrangements must be negotiated betweenimporters and airlines, freight forwarders etc.

The department continues to receive a significant number of requests fordispensations from import conditions. Importers should be aware thatconditions such as pre-border waiting periods are crucial to effectivelymanage the biosecurity risks and cannot be reduced by spending more time inquarantine in Australia. Any cats or dogs that arrive in Australia unannouncedor without a valid import permit and veterinary health certification will beconsidered non-compliant and subject to immediate export from Australia. Ifthe person in charge of the animal cannot arrange export, the department mayhave no other option but to euthanase the animal.

Travel to Australia

Importers must ensure that their import permits reflect the correct country ofexport and that flight routes reflect the transit and transhipment conditionsapplicable to their permit. If the animal clears customs or quarantine controlin another country during transhipment, that country must be listed as thecountry of export on the animal’s import permit and health certification.

In cases where there is no option available for a dog and cat to arrivedirectly into Melbourne international airport, applications may be made torequest a dog or cat be transhipped via Sydney to the post-entry quarantine(PEQ) facility in Melbourne. Approval for domestic transhipment is grantedunder limited circumstances and subject to eligibility. Please apply [email protected] for specific permission to have these conditions imposed onthe animal’s permit, if appropriate. Application and assessment fees willapply. All other import conditions must be met in full.

Cat and Dog Import Permits

There are no changes to import conditions for cats and dogs in relation toCOVID-19. The department continues to process import permit applications asusual. Please see Industry Advice Notice 24-2021: Permits to import cats anddogs to Australia for more information.

Further information

Importers are encouraged to check our website regularly or subscribe to ourmailing list for up-to-date information as import conditions can changewithout notice.

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