The countdown to Interzoo 2021 has begun with more than 1,600 exhibitors from66 countries transferring their original stand bookings from May 2020 to thenew Interzoo date of 1 to 4 June 2021. Since 1 July, companies that have notyet booked a stand or that had initially cancelled their participation due tothe coronavirus crisis can register as exhibitors. “The number of exhibitorswho have already registered is proof that there is plenty of support from thesector for the new event date in 2021”, explains Alexandra Facklamm, CEO ofInterzoo organizer WZF (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer FachbetriebeGmbH). “The second registration phase now offers all other companies theopportunity to register as exhibitors for Interzoo 2021 to secure access to aplatform for the cultivation of existing customers and the acquisition of newbusiness.”

For Facklamm, the fact that more than 90 per cent of exhibitors havetransferred their original stand booking for May 2020 to the new date in anodd-numbered year is evidence of their trust in trade fairs as a marketingtool in general and in Interzoo in particular. The significant interest inexhibiting at Interzoo indicates that trade fairs in the B2B segment are seenas very important and that digital formats predominantly serve a complementarypurpose.

“Digital solutions can showcase products creatively and present details in astriking way, but they are no substitute for the multi-sensory experience of atrade fair. For many products, face-to-face communication and an experienceinvolving all the senses are still essential, especially when innovations thatare being introduced to the market for the first time are involved”, adds DrRowena Arzt, Director Exhibitions at WZF. “What we are also seeing is thatdigital services are becoming increasingly important as a complement to atrade fair, e.g. between individual events, hence we are working on newadditional options for our customers.”

Plan well ahead for a successful trade fair appearance

Many exhibitors are already planning how to market their new products andservices at Interzoo 2021 and exploit the event as a unique global platformfor innovation and trends in the pet industry. Interzoo organizer WZFrecommends that all exhibitors and visitors use the months ahead of the eventto start planning their trade fair participation in order to help theircompanies benefit from the success of this exceptional exhibition and theinspiration it provides to the worldwide pet industry. The Interzoo Team atNürnbergMesse will be happy to assist you in planning and realising your tradefair presentation.

Successful with Interzoo: Satisfied exhibitors and visitors

At the last Interzoo in 2018, 38,600 trade visitors from 126 countries learnedabout the products and services of 1,990 exhibitors from 66 countries on adisplay area measuring more than 120,000 square metres. For years, exhibitorsand trade visitors consistently confirm that participating at Interzoo makes agenuine impact. A survey has revealed that 89 per cent of exhibitors at thelast Interzoo praised the quality of trade visitors to their stands. No lessthan 93 per cent were able to showcase their products to their most importanttarget groups. More than 93 per cent of exhibitors were able to establish newbusiness contacts, and nine out of ten companies expected follow-on businessfrom these relationships. More than 87 per cent of exhibitors were able toachieve their specific trade fair goals and 88 per cent were satisfied or verysatisfied with the overall success of their participation in Interzoo.

Trade visitors to the event were also generally satisfied or very satisfied(96 per cent). A total of 97 per cent was satisfied with the general range ondisplay, and 89 per cent praised the innovation and pioneering trendsdisplayed. For 97 per cent, the opportunities for information-gathering andnetworking met their expectations. Apart from the high-quality stands andexhibitor presentations, supporting events such as demonstrations, countrysessions and the sustainability conference were also rated positively by 88per cent of trade visitors. According to the survey, nine out of ten visitorswere particularly impressed by the Product Showcase as an attractive specialdisplay area. It is therefore not surprising that more than 96 per cent ofvisitors announced immediately after the event that they would be attendingthe next Interzoo.

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