Humans have always longed for companionship. It plays a very important role inour lives. We long for it and thrive on it. While we crave human connection,there’s a reason why 62% of Australians have pets. Their love isunconditional. They don’t care how you look, what you do, what mistakes youmight make. You are their world and that’s all that matters.

This is why we care so deeply and love them so unconditionally. It’s also whywe’re left with a horrible void when they’re gone. When they’re alive, we’lldo anything we can to express our love for them. From the best branded toys todoggy day-care, private pet insurance and premium dog foods and treats,nothing but the best will do. Our fur babies are part of the family after all.

So why do we not continue to honour them when they’re gone?

Absolutely they’ll stay in your memory, but life’s daily distractions have afunny way of making us forget things without a gentle reminder.

That’s why I created fur-baby cushions. A beautiful way to honour their memorylong after they’re gone, the touch of their fur can instantly transport youback to a time where they brushed up against you or curled up in your lap.These handmade cushions weave in your pup’s fur and are finished with velvetbacking making it perfect for grasping tightly in your arms or proudlydisplaying in your home.

But in order to make these beautiful, custom-made one of a kind pieces, youneed to act now! Without their fur, these pieces simply aren’t possible. Sonext time you take your precious pooch to the groomer, ask them to keep thefur. Whether you decide to act now while your dog is still alive or findyou’re longing for a reminder of them once they’re gone, by keeping the fur,it ensures that these beautiful pillows will still be a possibility to comfortand remind you long after they’re gone.

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