PupPod and Company of Animals have signed a strategic licensing agreement toscale sales of PupPod’s flagship product, the PupPod Rocker and Feeder.

The initial purchase commitment grows PupPod sales by 500 per cent and expandsdistribution beyond the United States to the United Kingdom, Canada, andAustralia.

PupPod believes that dogs are intelligent beings and so combines software withpet products that encourage mental stimulation and problem solving.

This simple idea has evolved into a new product category of multispeciesgaming for pets and people at the intersection of the pet, smart home, andonline game industries.

Meanwhile, Company of Animals was founded by Dr Roger Mugford in 1979 as a hubfor activity, innovation, and research in animal behaviour.

The partnership will allow PupPod to focus on evolving its PupCloud softwareplatform for multispecies gaming and bringing new products to market.

Dr Mugford, CEO, Company of Animals, said that there is a growing percentageof pet parents that are looking for intelligent pet products.

“Pets are the beneficiaries of new technology designed to reduce boredom butalso improve behaviour and fitness through activity and mental stimulation.Millennials and Gen Z consumers, currently over 57 per cent of pet parents,are looking for technology solutions to be better pet parents whether they areat home or away.”

The PupPod Rocker game uses lights, sounds, and timing to create a mentalstimulation puzzle. When dogs interact with the PupPod Rocker toy at thecorrect time, they earn food rewards from a wirelessly connected feeder. Petparents can stream video and control the game from anywhere using PupPod’smobile app.

In addition to the licensing agreement, Dr Mugford leads PupPod’s series SEEDinvestment round, making his third investment in the company.

Erick Eidus, CEO, PupPod, said that the partnership is a natural fit for bothbusinesses.

“Dr Mugford has been a strategic advisor and investor for several years. Itmade perfect sense to plug into the sales and distribution capabilities he’sbuilt over 40+ years in the pet industry.”

“PupPod was founded on the belief that software will enable a new category ofpet products with better user experiences for both pets and people. Theproduct usage and cognition data we’re seeing confirms the accuracy of ourvision, but it’s the heart-warming customer stories that motivate us to keepinnovating.”

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