The department has commenced a review of the import conditions for hatchingeggs of poultry into Australia. This is a review of the department’s existingimport conditions.

This review aims to update Australia’s import conditions to help facilitatetrade whilst also managing the biosecurity risks associated with this trade toa level sufficient to satisfy Australia’s Appropriate Level of Protection

We are conducting this import conditions review with enhanced industry andstakeholder engagement throughout the process. This initial draft document forcomment is focused on the scope of the review, to identify issues in theexisting import conditions that stakeholders would like considered (forexample, testing protocols, diseases to add or remove from conditions, and soforth).

There will be additional periods for comment as we move through the reviewprocess, including a chance to comment on the final draft before any changesare made to the current import conditions.

The final draft will also be submitted through the SPS notification processfor broader comment by trading partners.

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