A reading of the marketplace:
There was movement at the station,
for the word had passed around …

Much of the movement has been incremental, looking for and, occasionally,following limited opportunities.

And yes, there is Regret. A year of pandemic lockdowns, hard-borders anddaily doses of “Ground-hog Day” media statements does that.

Opportunism abounds. Less so, opportunities.

Notwithstanding the reported “boom” conditions with residential house pricesup, rental vacancies down and available tenancies low, employment mobility isrelatively isolated.

Government subsidies have stimulated some consumer demand, saved countlessnumbers of businesses (while payments persist) and, interestingly, been aprime source for an increase in savings rates (up to 22% in January, 2021).

However, wage levels have remained relatively stable. No evidence ofoverflow here – for Clancy and others.


Government-targeted and funded coaching sessions for small local businessesare free to recipients. Opportunities to maintain and extend the initiative,paid for by the primary audience, are overwhelmingly declined. A measure ofvalue?


Widespread and significant recruiting campaigns have been isolated, centredmainly in mining and a few retail corporates.

The hidden costs of recruiting, inducting, integration, training anddevelopment are justifiable concerns.

Temptations to poach the best available talent are tempered with fear ofretaliatory actions. Net-sum gains are difficult to identify and to quantify.


Investments of time and resourcing in coaching sessions, networking functionsand seemingly, bottomless cups of coffee are reportedly recording marginalisedpositive results.

Disenchanted participants are expressing their disappointments, frustrationsand occasional annoyances.

Gratifyingly, there is little evidence of considerable downsides,disadvantages and losses.

Some people are being roasted for non-performances.

Collectively and, to some considerable extent, individually these issueshighlight the fact that movement of itself is not and should not be the goalor desired outcome. Figuratively speaking, “spinning wheels” (movement) doesnot achieve traction and movement.

The time is right to be selective, be it in coaching, poaching or roasting.Discipline, structure and planning are invaluable, valued if you will, andwill be rewarded.

Barry Urquhart
Business Strategist
Marketing Focus
M: 041 983 5555
E: [email protected]
W: www.marketingfocus.net.au

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