The organizer of China International Pet Show (CIPS) announced that its 2020show will open on Nov 12-15, at Guangzhou, and its online show will open onNov. 12-20 as well (

China pet industry suffered from the COVID-19 epidemic in the first quarter of2020 but soon adjusted to make full use of online and e-commerceopportunities. On the consumer side, according to, June 18th mid-yeartotal sales have increased 360% compared with last year. The fastest growinggroup of consumers are those born after 1995, or so called Z Generation. Petshops delivered products and serve their clients through social media andother online means. According to QuestMobile, the total active users of Tiktokin China reached 518 million in March, 14.7% increase compared with 2019,while the average time spent increased by 72.5%. Tiktok has added shoppingfunction, followed by more and more apps. The whole China pet industry isdigitalizing that led recovering from epidemic rather fast.

CIPS follows the trend of digitalization and launch CIPS Online Trade Show,the first b2b online show in China. CIPS Online Trade Show will be held on No.12 to 20. This 24/7 platform provides unlimited access to the latest productsfrom CIPS exhibitors. Powered by the latest technology, CIPS Online Trade Showoffers real time communication with suppliers via various messages, phonecalls, and video calls, for those who cannot attend the show or those whowould like to preview the products before walking the show. CIPS leads Chinapet industry to digitalize

In June and July, CIPS also launched four small scale online sessions withsuccess, attracting buyers from 78 countries/regions, with more than 2000online match meetings and live communication. In the follow-up buyer survey,85% of the buyers believed that online trade would become a trend in thefuture, and 92% of the buyers considered the online show has helped with theirtrade.

CIPS as the Industry’s hub of distribution channels, covers internationaltrade and domestic trade, offline trade and online trade, is expected to bethe gateway for brands to enter Asian market, as well as the largest sourcingplatform in Asia. CIPS invites major domestic and international e-commerceplatform to share insights of online trade. With diverse events to suitdifferent needs of the professionals, CIPS is expected to be a marvelousopportunity for all professionals to trade, connect, network, and buildbrands.

As the leading trade show in Asia, CIPS has pooled together 1,387 exhibitorsfrom 24 countries in the 130,000 show space in 2019, and expected to attract1500 exhibitors in 2020.

CIPS stands out against the difficulties of the epidemic, providing a tradeplatform open to all professional in the industry, with products to touch,events to attend and standard to follow, every attendee will acquireachievement. The online show as started accepting application

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