Covid-19 has changed how we conduct business, now and maybe forever. Thoughmajor international trade shows before Oct. 2020 have been postponed orcancelled, we still need connect with industry partners new and old, we stillneed to know what new innovations, and new product are coming. (CIPS) releasedher online trade show platform, where buyers can search for the products,locate the suppliers and communicate with them live.

The first session of CIPS Online Trade Show is set to open from June 22nd to26th,between buyers from Europe suppliers from Zhejiang, China. The firstsession will be followed by other sessions designated for buyers from Russia,Asia, and North America, in the coming months.

International buyers can look for products by screening text, pictures, livebroadcasting, short video for the products, factories and other information,on the CIPS Online Trade Show platform. Business discussion is easier thanever by one simple click. The exhibitor can connect with the buyer by typing,phone call, or video for mutual communication.

“The CIPS Online Trade Show is the first online trade show in the pet industryin Chinese and English versions, and is expected to help worldwideprofessionals to exchange in the special period in a special way” says Ms.Yang Cheng, chairwoman of CIPS. “CIPS online and offline platforms will bemelted well to make the world business and cooperation as usual.”

CIPS ( will be held on Nov. 12 to 15, 2020, in Guangzhouas schedule. The event is expected to have 1,400 exhibitors in 130,000sqm showspace, pooling over 80,000 buyers from over 120 countries.

Entrance of CIPS Online Trade Show

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