The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has saidthat only those aged 16 and over who have had their boosters are considered“up to date”.

ATAGI also recommended no longer using the term “fully vaccinated”, insteadmoving to “up to date” when a person has received their booster dose.

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health and Aged Care, said the government has acceptedATAGI’s advice and has been referred to National Cabinet for implementation.

“Further, ATAGI has advised that if it has been longer than six months since aperson’s primary course and they haven’t had a booster, they will no longer beconsidered ‘up to date’ and instead will be considered ‘overdue’.”

ATAGI also noted that these recommendations are only for managing the pandemicin Australia and does not relate to the vaccination requirements ofinternational travellers.

Booster doses are available to those aged 16 and over three months after theyreceived their last primary dose.

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