Champion Petfoods, producers of pet food brands ORIJEN and ACANA, hasinitiated a grant to the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, into thestudy of pet food nutrition.

The five-year grant will support the ongoing study of pet nutrition for thehealth of pets, as well as training students in preparation for roles withinthe pet food and nutrition industry.

Dr. Anna Kate Shoveller, an associate professor in the university’s Departmentof Animal Biosciences, was named the inaugural Champion Petfoods Chair inCanine and Feline Nutrition.

“Diet is part of a complex environment that helps determine a pet’s well-being, and the research we can pursue with Champion’s support will help uslearn more about nutrition and the ways it interacts with other factors,” saidDr. Shoveller.

The Canadian university ranks first in the world for the quality of itsagricultural program and fifth for the quality of its veterinary scienceprogram – both which inform the pet food industry.

Blaine McPeak, CEO of Champion Petfoods, said the grant will help improve thelives of all pets.

“Our purpose at Champion is to earn pet lovers’ trust every day so pets thrivefor a lifetime. Dedicated original research into pet nutrition is afoundational element that makes that possible. Our collaboration with theUniversity of Guelph and Dr. Shoveller will help ensure that one of theworld’s leading research teams has the resources to advance this vital workfor the betterment of pets everywhere.”

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