Fashion designer Matthew Adams Dolan has collaborated with Southern CrossPet Insurance to create a range of hi-vis garments for pets.

The VIS road safety collection is designed to help pets stay safe near theroads and also to raise awareness about pet road safety in New Zealand.

Dolan, who has designed for the likes of Rihanna, said he was inspired to takeon the project by his dog Maisie.

“Anybody who has a pet, or even people without them, know that they’re such animportant part of our lives. From my own experiences with my darling Maisie tomy family’s experiences with their own pets, I think at the very base, ourpets bring us all closer together.”

The collection, created using various type of reflective fabrics, featureseight handmade couture garments and a ready-to-wear bandana range.

“This was the first time I’d ever made any type of pet clothes. The process ofmaking a garment for a human and a dog, well, there are obviously a lot ofdifferences. The shape of the body. The number of legs, for example.

“We’ve used a few different types of reflective fabric. There’s one that’sretro-reflective that casts off a similar kind of colour to the base. Thesecond one had these really crazy iridescent, reflective fabrics thatcompletely change into like a rainbow effect when the lights come on them.”

Dolan said that when initially discussing the project, it wasn’t just aboutfashion or comfort, there was an intention behind the whole range.

“There is this really big issue of road safety with pets. My job as a fashiondesigner is to be able to do something to create awareness around that. Forme, that was the most exciting part.”

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