A population of 34.4 mio dogs, cats, small animals and cage birds was recordedin Germany last year, along with a large number of ornamental fish andreptiles. Pets were kept in 45 per cent of all households in Germany. 63 percent of all families with children had a pet and 22 per cent of all householdswith pets owned at least two pets.

The cat population totals 14.8 mio, with cats in 23 per cent of Germanhouseholds. Dogs occupy second place, with 9.4 mio dogs living in 19 per centof households. In third spot are the 5.4 mio small animals kept in 6 per centof households. The number of cage birds recorded in 2018 was 4.8 mio in fourper cent of households.

There were also 1.9 million aquariums in 4 per cent of households and 1.5 miogarden ponds with fish in 3 per cent of German households. The number ofreptiles increased by 200 000 to one million.

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