Announcement from Cat Lovers Team

It is with great sadness to advise that we have had to reschedule the 2021 CatLovers Show again to Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1st May, 2022.

The Cat Lovers Show team has been working tirelessly over the past 6 months todevelop a COVID Safe model that would provide our exhibitors, visitors andmost importantly all the beautiful Cats, with a wonderful event experiencewithin the current restrictions.

This morning the State Government announced that the Royal Exhibition Buildingand Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will be acquisitioned to becomeCOVID-19 vaccination hubs for the foreseeable future and this means our venueis no longer able to host the Cat Lovers Show in May. We were also unable tosecure a permit to run the event with the number of visitors required to makeit commercially viable in time, so for these reasons we had no other choicebut to reschedule the event until next year.

The announcement has taken us by complete surprise and we first discoveredthis by reading the Herald Sun this morning so are extremely disappointed thatwe were not consulted prior to the decision being printed in the media. Somany passionate cat lovers were looking forward to the 2021 event after the2020 show was also cancelled due to Covid-19 and our Exhibitors and Sponsorsare devastated they will not get to see your smiling faces again this year.

Shortly we will be announcing a Shop (for your kitty) Til’ You Droppromotion that will be an ‘online event’ designed to help support our valuedExhibitors and Sponsors with a huge array of special offers on all the latestand greatest cat products and services to help you really spoil your puss!

Rest assured we will fight hard to keep the Cat Lovers Show alive, despite theongoing challenges, and our team is more committed than ever to present anincredible show for all our fellow feline-fanatics in 2022.

We are also confident that the Covid-19 vaccine will have widespreadpenetration in the community by early next year and the State of Emergencywill have been lifted so we can safely (and finally!) open the event onSaturday 30 April & Sunday 1st May, 2022.

We will be refunding the money for all tickets purchased to the 2021 eventand ticketing refunds will be processed in the next 10 to 14 business dayswith tickets to the 2022 Show to go on sale in a few months.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and we hope you can continue tosupport Australia’s favourite cat festival when it returns next year as itreally has been a tough time for our clients, staff, suppliers, our businessand the entire event sector here in Victoria.

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