The Cat Protection Society of Victoria has launched Cat Cuddling VIP (VeryImportant Petter) Sessions for the Christmas season.

The sessions are held at the society’s adoption shelter in Greensborough andas well as being fun for humans, gives the cats and kittens at the refuge somemuch needed affection and human interaction, ensuring they are well socialisedand ready to be adopted.

Rachel Bitzilis, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Cat ProtectionSociety of Victoria, said that now Melburnians are out of lockdown, they’recraving connection and cuddles.

“Simply spending time petting cats can help reduce blood pressure and stresslevels, and stimulate the release of feel-good hormones including serotoninand oxytocin, so our Cat Cuddling VIP sessions are the purrfect gift forpeople who cannot have a pet at home, or might be feeling a little lonely atthis time of year.”

The $25 gift voucher includes access for two adults and two children or oneadult and three children to a short tour of the shelter, a meet-and-greet todetermine the most suitable cat to cuddle, and a voucher for a coffee or hotchocolate the society’s Purrfect Paw Café.

“Forget the socks and CDs – whether it be for a loved one or a friend, thegift of a cuddle from a furry feline is an experience that will be treasuredby the recipient for a long time.”

All proceeds from the sale of vouchers will help the Cat Protection Society ofVictoria continue to care for and rehome cats and kittens in need.

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