DOGTV, a scientifically designed canine streaming platform, has been developedby pet food and supplies company PETstock to enrich pets’ lives and supportthe loneliness and isolation they face while at home alone.

Anxiety can be characterised by signs of distress including destruction to thehome, pacing, excessive barking, digging, or even attempting to escape.

“Dogs can experience anxiety when they’re separated from their human familyfor long periods of time and not getting the attention they’re used toreceiving,” PETstock’s state trainer Mandi Wright said.

While dogs won’t sit in front of the TV like humans do, DOGTV programs aredivided into three categories—exposure, stimulation and relaxation inaccordance with a dog’s typical daily cycle—and provide enough backgroundsounds and visuals to keep them entertained and occupied until their petparents come home.

Source: VET magazine

Image: Bigstock

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