The passing of a loved one is never an easy time. Everyone in the familycomes to terms with a death in the family in different ways, including yourpets. There is no right or wrong way to deal with grief.

How does your dog feel?

Although dogs don’t experience the same range of emotions that humans do, theycan still tell when something is not quote right at home. They are very muchaware of when their family is mourning even though they mat not know exactlywhy.

Does your dog know when you are sad?

There have been many times that reports show animals visibly comfortinghumans. Most dogs are perceptive to body language and will give their ownersextra attention if they are hunched over, hanging their head, or teary. Dogscan also recognise human sweat caused by fear and anxiousness. If you arevisibly distressed, your furry friend may want to be by your side and provideyou with some comfort.

How will the death of a family member affect your dog?

One of the biggest things that your dog will notice is the inevitable changeof routine that you family will be going through during this time. They may befed at a different time, or looked after by someone else, missing their dailywalk, or seeing a lot of people coming and going all day long. Remember thatchanges in routine can be distressing to your dog. Whilst it is oftenunavoidable for a period during these types of circumstances, be patient withthem if they seem anxious or badly behaved. If you cannot give them the timethat they need during this strenuous period, consider having else care foryour dog for this short time.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer when dealing with grief. Somepeople will want their dog with them during such an emotion time for comfortand support. Others will prefer to have someone else care for them. It willdepend on the situation and how your family can best manage this difficulttime.

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