The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has called on both major partiesahead of the federal election to commit $3 million over five years towardsveterinary mental health.

Recent research into veterinary mental health showed that 66.6 per cent ofrespondents said they either have experienced or currently are experiencing amental health condition, five per cent higher than the national average.

Dr Warwick Vale, President of the AVA, said while the veterinary profession isextremely rewarding, vets are often so busy looking after the community’sanimals that they often don’t have time to look after themselves.

“This research backs up what veterinarians already know – our profession isnot in good health and in order for us to serve the community we need ahealthy thriving profession.

“I’ve been to too many funerals of colleagues, I’ve seen too many colleaguesdrop out of the profession, and I’ve seen too many colleagues break under thestrain.”

The independent research commissioned by the AVA also showed that 41.6 percent of surveyed vetenarians said they had experienced a mental healthcondition in the past 12 months.

The $3 million investment in veterinary mental health would support keyelements including a public campaign to educate the community, whole of careermentoring, dedicated veterinary counselling services, and the development anddelivery of veterinary specific education material.

“The AVA is investing in solving this crisis, but we can’t do it on our own –we need the next Federal Government to stand shoulder to shoulder with us andlend a supporting hand to our country’s veterinarians.”

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