Animal lovers across the state are invited to help RSPCA NSW fetch the answersabout everyone’s favorite topic, our pets, with the RSPCA NSW Animals LoversCensus.

Take a moment to paws and fill out the Animal Lovers Census online to tell usall about the furry, feathered, scaly, wooly, and even hairless animals inyour life.

“Animals are important members of our households and community and the AnimalLovers Census will help us to better understand more about the animals acrossNew South Wales” said RSPCA NSW General Manager, Animal Operations andFundraising Kristy Blake.

RSPCA NSW will ask all the furry questions the other census failed to addressand get to know the pets and their owners of our state.

Have you ever wondered if your pampered pooch or cool cat were the only onesgetting extravagant birthday parties or professional photoshoots?

What dog breeds are increasing in popularity? How many cats named Mittens havea best pup friend named Max? All will be revealed thanks to the Animal LoversCensus.

Complete the Animal Lovers Census by the end of August to go in the draw towin a Penthouse Pup voucher at the Citadines Connect Sydney Airport.

The RSPCA NSW Animal Lovers Census can be found online

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