Payment in Digital Currency, Qoin, A First for Veterinary Industry

Brisbane dog and cat owners can now pay for veterinary care using digitalcurrency, instead of cash, in an industry first.

The Brisbane based mobile vet service, Vetpoint, owned and operated by smallanimal veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Tan, is the first veterinary clinic to acceptpayment in the digital currency, Qoin (Eds; pronounced ‘coin’).

Established in 2014, Vetpoint is a mobile house call vet practice that offersboth Western medicine, which is the standard conventional practice, andtraditional Chinese medicine treatment options for canine and feline patients.

A certified veterinary acupuncturist with a special interest in small animalinternal medicine, Dr. Tan aims to “provide the best of both worlds to clientand patient”.

“By combining both conventional and complementary veterinary medicine, Istrive to deliver the best possible holistic care for the wellness of pets.”

Dr. Tan made the move to Qoin to provide her clients with an alternativepayment method to cash for veterinary bills and is confident it will bereadily taken up by her southside of Brisbane client base.

“Qoin is a great option for clients if they are restricted by cash flow.

“Having a sick pet is stressful enough for cat and dog owners. By offering anadditional payment method, I can help to alleviate some of their worries.

“I’m confident that my clients will be happy paying in Qoin and by freeing uptheir cash, they may be able to invest more in their pet’s health usingdigital currency.

“As a business owner, Qoin is risk free and its value has the potential toincrease with time, making it an easy choice to integrate it as a paymentoption into my vet practice.”

In the last 11 months, more than 23,000 Australian small businesses havejoined Qoin, the newest digital currency. Built on blockchain, Qoin offersmerchants and consumers an innovative and secure alternative to connect andinteract.

Qoin Australia Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Barker says, “Merchants andconsumers are becoming more aware of the concept of digital currency. Globaltrends indicate that digital currency is the future way to conduct business.

“Supporting small business is the cornerstone of Qoin. The Qoin model standsapart from other digital currencies in that the value of Qoin increases as themerchant ecosystem grows. The more businesses that join the Qoin community,the more everyone benefits, providing a vital boost to local economies.

“Now more than ever, Australian small businesses are looking for innovativeways to sustain cashflow and make the most of their down time. Qoin enablesthem to do both while offering a payment method to their customers that isfast, secure and virtually contactless.

“Qoin has had huge take up in Australia with more than 23,000 validatedmerchants joining the Qoin community in the first 11 months. With Qoin nowlaunched in New Zealand and further global expansion planned for 2021, Qoin isconfident that this success can be replicated in other countries.”

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