New RNATT Declaration Form for Cat and Dog Imports

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (the department) hasupdated the rabies neutralising antibody titre test (RNATT) declaration formto align with import policy and departmental accessibility requirements. TheRNATT declaration form must be submitted with permit applications to importcats and dogs to Australia under group 3 country conditions and non-approvedvia a group 2 or group 3 country conditions.

For permit applications received on and after 1 November 2020, all RNATTdeclarations must be provided on the new form. Until this date, both the newand previous versions will be accepted, as long as the declaration iscorrectly completed. Applicants must ensure all information provided iscomplete and correct, as per departmental requirements, to avoid delays inapplication processing.

The current RNATT declaration form can be found on the department’s website,along with the step by step guides to import a cat or dog into Australia

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