Just like us, our pets can get a bored with the same food day after day. Manyof us want to provide variety for our pets, but with so many optionsavailable, it can be hard to know exactly what to feed your pet, and whichproducts offer the best flavour and nutrition.

One way to offer variety is through mixed feeding, which is the practice ofcombining multiple formats in your pets meal such as wet and dry dog foods.

While every pet is different and will enjoy different flavours andcombinations, when practicing mixed feeding, make sure you follow therecommended feeding guidelines on the packs to make sure your pet is fed theright amount.

If your pet is new to wet pet food, make sure you introduce it into their dietgradually over the course of a week. It’s recommended you start out byreplacing 25% of your pet’s normal food, then move to 50%, then 75%, over theweek for optimal digestion.


Which is why we develop every Ivory Coat recipe to deliver the complete andbalanced nutrition* that your pet needs to thrive at every stage of life.
Our Natural pet food is developed by our skilled Research and Development teamthat formulate recipes specific needs of pets according the life stage andbreed, using all Australian meat and natural superfoods with proven benefitsto deliver a range of products with the specific nutritional requirements ofyour pet, all with superior digestibility and high palatability (which meansthey taste great!) Ivory Coat has a range of flavours to meet every pet want &need.
Our foods are crafted with premium animal ingredients balanced with fruit andvegetables to ensure your pet lives a full and healthy life as a happy memberof your family.

Every IVORY COAT Recipe includes:

  • Quality Australian meat
  • Vegetables, fruit, & natural superfoods
  • Added vitamins and minerals, natural preservatives and probiotics

Our recipes NEVER INCLUDE:

  • Artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives
  • Soy, corn or wheat or wheat gluten is never used

With a variety of options and ingredients, including superfoods, Grain free orBrown Rice and probiotics in select formulas, you can choose the diet mostappropriate for your dog or cat’s health needs and stage in life.

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