Bears love honey, and it isn’t surprising that they go to extreme lengths toget some of it. They love it so much that they cannot resist raiding beehivesand cause a real headache for many beekeepers. Those adorable apex predatorsare very common guests at several bee farms, but they’re very unwelcome sincesometimes the damages they cause are worth thousands. Nevertheless, manybeekeepers, such as Ibrahim Sedef, try their best to keep them away frombeehives.

As DHA reports, Ibrahim Sedef lives in Trabzon, Turkey. He’s an agriculturalengineer that works in beekeeping. For some time, he’s been struggling toprevent lickerish bears from trashing the hives in an attempt to get thatprecious honey.

To protect the hives, Sedef tried to secure them by putting metal cages aroundthem. He also tried leaving food such as fruit, bread, and honey in an effortto prevent bears from treating themselves to snacks directly from the hives.Nevertheless, that did not work well and some hives still got damaged.

Therefore, the beekeeper decided to learn more about the bears’ movement andbehavior. He did this by installing photo trap cameras to track the bearsroaming his bee farm.

While trying to figure out a way to outsmart the greedy animals, Sedef came upwith a genius idea: he decided to turn these bears into honey tasters becausethey have a good taste for honey.

The beekeeper set up a table with four kinds of honey for the bears to feaston. He was not disappointed with the result. It turns out-, and bears havequite an expensive taste.

As Sedef told DHA, bears were drawn by the smell of Anzer honey as they alwaystasted it first, without even touching the cherry blossom honey sometimes.

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