Bespoke is very much an in-vogue word at present.

Engineers, manufacturers, designers, among others, declare and promote thecontention that they are, and provide, bespoke products services andapplications.

To many, bespoke implies premium, advantaged, up-market and quality. Sadly,overuse and inappropriate use of the term have commoditised the concept andits implied nature, characteristics and advantages. In commerce, bespokerightly means designed, built and manufactured to order.

Yet a significant percentage of the specifics of those “bespoke” orders aresub-standard, inexact, inadequate or questionable.

It takes some measure of mental strength, self-belief and authority to breakfrom the structures of accepted norms, compliance and conformity.


Compellingly attractive to existing and prospective clients are the promisesand allure of designs, manufactured goods, brands and services provided – “forpurpose”.

Those who have the capabilities, capacity and desire to refine, enhance andreconfigure a value package, which, in essence, delivers – built for purpose –are competitively advantaged.

“Getting it right” is about which effective market positioning, corporatecultures, values and driving forces are: right for purpose.

Think again.

Barry Urquhart
Business Strategist
Marketing Focus
M: 041 983 5555
E: [email protected]

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